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Why You Should Be Using Marketing Automation During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is busy for most people but none more than the business owner. There are so many conflicting priorities at this time of year that it can easily tip into the territory of overwhelm. It is natural to retreat into your shell and just focus on getting stuff done, however doing the complete opposite can be revolutionary for your business. For example, taking some time to use marketing automation to systemise the repetitive or schedulable tasks will set your up for not only this holiday season but every holiday season to follow.

In this blog, let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you should be using marketing automation during this holiday season.

#1: Get Stuff Done When You’re Not There

Most business owners will take some well-deserved time off to spend with family and friends. The problem with this is that most people set their business up to grind to a halt whenever they step away.

This is obviously a problem.

If your business does not work whenever you step away, I would suggest that you’ve built a risky job, rather than an actual business. The objective should always be to leverage your time so that even when you step away from your business, everything keeps ticking over. Marketing automation is one way to leverage your time. You spend some time in the beginning to build something that keeps delivering months, if not years, later.

For example, you can spend an hour or two towards the beginning of the holiday season to:

  • Write a few emails
  • Design a few ‘Happy Holidays’ messages
  • Plan when you want to connect with your clients

Once you’ve done that, you can implement the schedule in your marketing automation platform so, even when you step away from your business to spend some time with your family, your emails, messages, and designs are being delivered to your clients.

#2: Reduce Overwhelm

I don’t know about your, but a few weeks ago I had an influx of clients wanting unplanned projects done before Christmas. This means that I had a heap of new projects to deliver that I wasn’t planning on having to deal with. This has resulted in me having to spend more time focusing on delivery of projects, i.e. working ‘in’ my business, rather than working on business growth, i.e. working ‘on’ my business.

Luckily, I have marketing automation built into my business which means that my audience continually grows, leads continue to come in, prospects get nurtured, and meetings get scheduled… even when I’m stuck doing delivery work. This means that my business continues to grow even when I have to focus on keeping the business afloat.

#3: Implement Your New Years’ Strategic Plan

Many business owners start thinking about next year during the holiday season. Some will even go so far as to start documenting the strategies that they intend to deploy in order to help their business move towards their vision. A full-stack marketing automation platform will help you with many of the strategies that you may be thinking about implementing.

For example:

If you’re thinking about generating more leads… then marketing automation can help with a number of lead generation techniques. You could implement a lead magnet that is delivered by your marketing automation platform, which then nurtures your leads towards converting to clients.

if you’re thinking about converting more leads into clients… then marketing automation can help with a number of remarketing and nurture strategies.

If you’re thinking about retaining more clients… then marketing automation can help with a multi-channel communication strategy that helps make clients stickier.

Holiday Season Is The Perfect Time To Use Marketing Automation

If you take the time to implement marketing automation, or use it better if you are already using it, it can set your up for holiday seasons to come. For example, imagine if your set-up some sequences, messages, and emails this holiday season then you can easily repurpose them next holiday season, with some relevant changes, saving your time.

When used correctly, marketing automation can help you do more in less time and often with less money making it something worth implementing at any time of the year. However, the holiday season is particularly useful for motivating you to implement marketing automation because of the contrast between the hectic first few weeks followed by the slower later weeks.

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