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Why Is It Important To Have A Brand Discovery Process

Brand Discovery Process is usually carried out at the beginning of a project with the workers responsible for the plan. First of all, Brand Discovery is unquestionably a useful tool for a better understanding of the course of your project. It is best for analyzing brand values at the beginning of a new project as it establishes the tone for your next projects.

Yes, you can be more productive and save time with the research if you start directly with the designing process. However, it is still recommended to undergo the brand discovery process at the beginning of the project especially if you are designing for yourself.

Working with new clients can spend a lot of time doing initial research. Some clients even solely give the research work on the designers. Whether you like it or not, you are obliged to have a brand discovery for you not only to evaluate the design primarily on aesthetics but also on how they will work for your business.

The Importance Of Brand Discovery Process

Gives Direction And A Scope Of Reference

When you go through a Brand Discovery Process you can take note of everything you have discovered. You can also refer to it for brainstorming and use this to drive your design to make sure everything you create fits with your client’s business and brand values. Brand Discovery at the beginning of a project will keep you on focus and can excellently finish the project up to the end of the designing process.

Extensive Research Will Lead To A Lesser Time For Designing

The more time and more comprehensive you do in research and brand discovery, the lesser time you have to spend going around with the various design concepts. Extensive research will lead to a powerful image of your brand and can help in instantly assess what will work and what doesn’t. Without this part of the Brand Discovery Process, you will be wasting hours working on concepts that will eventually don’t work, and you have to figure it out over and over again.

You Want To Create A Design With Purpose, Not Just An Attractive Yet Meaningless Design

Isn’t it useless spending all your time creating and promoting a design that doesn’t have any meaning or strategy in support of it? It is absurd that the logos or designs will turn out not to be a good fit for your brand if you have not undergone the brand discovery at the beginning of the design process. Without the brand discovery, you might end up with an artistic design but without the purpose, you will eventually regret it and you might decide to change it in just a few months.

Less Likely To Avoid The Risk Of Creating A Trend Based Design

When searching for visual inspiration when designing, you will find loads of trend-based design. You won’t have any problems with this if the design is suitable for your business. So it is necessary to begin the design project with brand discovery first. For the reason that no one wants to create a design that looks good and trendy now, but would only last a few months and is not generally suitable in with what you do.

Provides Clarity And Confidence

If it is your first time to complete a project that is supported by brand discovery, you will get to see its worth in comparison to a project that has not undergone the process. You will discover a renewed sense of clarity which can also help in the other areas of the business.


Whatever design project you may have, may it be a logo or website design, it is necessary to start with a Brand Discovery Process. On the grounds that it will help you assess the project designs using known and standard benchmarks. To what extent and how extensive the Brand Discovery Process? It will rely on the scope of the project.

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