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Top 5 Techniques For Marketing Automation To Improve Customer Retention

Marketing Automation Techniques 

Marketing Automation Techniques 

  1. Build And Nurture Customer Relationships Through Marketing Automation To Improve Customer Retention 

Marketing automation plays a big role in maintaining a good customer relationship. It has the ability to build and nurture personal relationships without exerting a lot of effort and time. By doing so, your team has more time to focus on other important things that can help your business to succeed.

Take Advantage Of The Availability Of Marketing Automation To Increase Customer Engagement And Conversion Rates Through The Following Ways:

Lead Nurturing

Automated lead nurturing can help you deliver your targeted messages to your target audiences at the right time. It is important to make sure that your content is always in line with your customer’s buying journey. One way to acquire important information from your leads is called Progressive Profiling.

Email Marketing

Customers like it when they feel special. Thus, receiving personalized emails can make them feel one. In order to provide your customers with their needs and wants, send them targeted emails that are in line with their interests. With the help of automated emails, you will keep your customers engaged in a continuous discussion. As a result, it will build better relationships with your customers.

Social Media Marketing

With the use of automated social media platforms, you have the ability to interact with your customers on your own conditions. This enables you to focus on other social media features like replying to consumer inquiries. Social Media is one of the best channels in establishing your brand identity.

  1. Personalize Your Engagement

Marketing automation allows you to develop cross-channel campaigns. In this way, customers will feel they are special in every point of interaction.  Personalizing your engagement with your customers can increase trust and loyalty towards your brand or business. One more thing with having a personalized engagement is your reliability. Your existing and target customers can reach out to you whenever they can.

  1. Provide Excellent Automated Customer Service

One of the most crucial points of any business is customer service. This will be the deciding point of your customers whether to stay on your brand or switch on your competitor’s brand.

Nowadays, interacting with your customers is made easy by technology. It is somewhat easy to acquire customers for the first time, the hard part is, to make them stay or choose your brand over and over again. However, if you know you are doing the right thing right from the very start, then it will be easier for you to maintain them.

Automating your customer service using AI chatbots opens the possibilities of cross-selling, brand awareness, and building and nurturing your relationship with your customers. One of the benefits of automated customer service is you are available to your customers to answer their queries with the use of AI chatbots. However, if you can’t reply to them immediately, an acknowledgment that you have received the message and would be able to get a response from you in not more than 24 hours is still accepted.

Automating your customer service means you can get the most out of your brand or business. As a result, more enhanced customer experience and improve customer satisfaction which can lead to customer retention.

Marketing Automation Can Identify And Support Brand Advocates

Marketing automation has the ability to identify and support brand advocates. What you need to do is to look for influencers that are in line with the industry you are in. Influencers can undoubtedly increase your following and have the power to increase conversion rates.

On the other hand, for your existing customers. You can keep them engaged with your brand by feeding them the information they need. You can give them rewards, promos, voucher codes that can always grab their attention and encourage them for a repeat purchase. Nurturing your relationship with your existing customers can lead to a recommendation of your brand or business to others.

Improve Customer Retention With Customer Feedback

  • Use Email Automation To Deliver Personalized Content

Customers have always been wanting to feel special, and that is why you need to create content that is relevant to them.

Integrating your CRM with your email marketing can simplify the process. However, there are still some aspects that you need to gather feedbacks like with the use of surveys. The results will help your team assess your customer’s preferences and their insights on that particular content.

Automated gathering of feedbacks includes the use of personalized emails to be sent on at the people at the right time.

  • Put Customer Survey Results To Work

The reason why you are gathering feedbacks is to maintain or improve yourself. Some other businesses distribute surveys but fail to apply the results they have gathered. Feedbacks have a great impact on improving experience, so if you are not working on the results, your campaign to gather feedback is just a waste of time.


Survey results are a way to improve your business or brand. It can promote brand loyalty as your customers know that their voices or opinions are heard.

Surveys Types That Help Businesses Personalize Their Customer Experience:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help businesses or companies record customer opinions at certain points in the customer journey. This includes after-sales support, a purchase, a visit, and others. You can track CSAT scores overtime to locate trends and identify key areas for improvement.

Product Feedback

Feedbacks should be asked to your customers consistently if your product plays a big part in your customer experience. Product surveys can help you with your next decisions in improving your marketing strategy, product development, and to better understand the best practices to promote customer loyalty.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score  (NPS) surveys can be the best tool in measuring customer loyalty. The NPS question measures customers’ willingness to recommend your company to their friends, family, or even acquaintances. The results will be categorized into three distinct categories (Promoter, Passive, or Detractor), which help employees approach each interaction with more insights.

Listen To Negative Feedback

Negative feedbacks are as equally as important to positive feedbacks. Unsatisfied or Unhappy customers were likely to suggest the most valuable insights.

You can ask your new and existing customers for their honest opinion on the company’s flaws, and possibly acquire feedback that helps you to avoid the same mistakes again.

Follow-up actions with your customers even though they have negative feedback on you can lead to powerful conversations. The feedbacks you have gathered can help you improve and deliver exceptional customer service in return which can increase customer retention.

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