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The Four Key Benefits Of Aligning Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing in the past are working separately along with separate objectives in the business. However, as time passes by, businesses have been noticing that the sales and marketing alignment is one of the most effective ways to improve business productivity.

The 4 Key Benefits Of Aligning Sales And Marketing

Strategy Agreement

Sales and Marketing usually work on different strategies. On the part of Marketing, they continuously search for new sources of leads and create messages that will draw interest in the brand or business. On the other hand, Sales is focused on strategies for converting leads into sales.

The thing here is, the former seek the stability of quality leads and don’t consider experiments while the latter has more of an experimental mindset.

When these two areas work together, marketing would be fully informed about the quality leads, and sales would fully understand the goals and objectives of the marketing team.

Thus, instead of working on their own, it is for the better to work closely together for the growth of your company.

Common and Shared Understanding Of Buyer Behavior

Marketing has a broad understanding of buyer behaviour within the industry. On the contrary, sales had a limited understanding as they were only basing on the information they can get through personal communication. It is in this situation where sales would often question why does their marketing campaigns are not relevant to their target market.

It is why common and shared understanding is essential to a company, to avoid misunderstanding or conflicts brought by a lack of understanding of both the team’s goals and objectives towards a buyer’s behaviour. When these teams are aligned, it is easier for marketing to exactly address the different types of buyers through promotional materials. Marketing can also speak directly to their buyers in order to understand them more, and if the team will be able to get the information that can’t be obtained by the sales team, they can always share it with them.

Sales Strategies Are Supported By Marketing

The sales funnel is accompanied by marketing collateral materials that are used in some part of the sales process. When these two areas are not aligned, the collateral materials can be miss, and conflicts might arise between the marketing team and the sales team. But when they are aligned and have a common understanding with the buyer behaviour, the materials used will possibly reach their objective.

Closing The Gap On Leads

When Sales and Marketing don’t work closely together, perhaps some leads don’t get followed up. But when they work together, they can employ a method to review all leads so they won’t simply go to waste.

Greatest Challenge To Alignment

Though some of us know that these two of the most important areas often have conflicts over leads, both teams agreed that the greatest challenge for them is Communication. Based on studies, almost 50% of salespeople and marketers would agree that communication is the number 1 challenge for them, followed by faulty processes and misaligned set of indicators.

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