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The Elements To Create A Quality Lead Scoring Model To Close More Sales

Lead Scoring is all about how you would improve the sales process by prioritizing quality leads in order to close more sales. The main purpose of implementing a lead scoring model is to provide you an automated means of rating, ranking, and prioritizing quality sales leads, which promote productivity and effectiveness of your sales team, all through a scientific approach.

So, instead of equally treating all leads and try chasing all the email addresses on your contacts, you can just focus on nurturing those who have the utmost interest in purchasing your product or acquiring your service. This means that when you have a lead scoring model, you are capable of determining those ordinary leads from the quality leads. Thus, a higher probability of closing more sales and will further grow your business.

The Key Elements To Create A Quality Lead Scoring Model To Close More Sales

The Alignment Of Marketing And Sales Objectives

In order to be more effective in your pursuit of nurturing relationships and lead scoring with your leads, your marketing and sales objectives should be aligned. You should be setting a standard in qualifying quality leads or considering an ordinary lead in having the potential to be a qualified lead once the process of nurturing has begun. The transitioning of leads from the marketing team to the sales team is very important, so it needs to be properly executed.

Implicit Lead Scoring

Implicit scoring is the use of behavioural action in evaluating a product or service, whether it is suitable for the prospective buyer, along with the level of interest of the buyer towards the said product or service. To be successful with your lead scoring model, you should be considering both implicit and explicit scoring data.

Implicit scoring refers to using behavioral action to assess whether the product is fit for the prospect as well as their interest level.

Explicit Scoring

As compared to implicit scoring, explicit lead scoring is all about the use of demographics and personal information directly shared by the lead, which is used to evaluate the level of interest of the prospect.

Assigning The Right Weights

It is also essential to indicate the right weight to each of the actions of your leads based on the behavioural and the traits you have inferred in the implicit and explicit scoring in order to determine their level of interest. You need to assign points in each of your lead’s activities and demographic alignment.

A Single Scoring Model

For all of your marketing plans and campaigns, you need to have a single scoring model for it. If you have a separate scoring model for your campaign level, so as to screen the quality leads properly and minimize your time and effort.

The Negative Lead Scoring

Your lead scores can still change as your sales and marketing team nurture them throughout their customer journey on the sales funnel. Activities in a negative lead scoring include the unsubscribing of emails and spam reports, among others.

Lead Scoring Degradation

If there have been no sales actions taken, the lead scores will go down. If the leads have been idle for some time in the sales process, you might need to have another plan for your leads to come back on track.

In order to Create A Quality Lead Scoring Model To Close More Sales, you need to start by strengthening your customer profiles, research, and constant testing.

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