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Starting SEO Is Not As Difficult As You Think

Writing SEO Is Not As Difficult As You Think, but also it is not that easy as you may think: you need to match it with your website needs. Content should be delivered suitably to both the website and consumers. Inappropriate content can prompt potential customers to choose your competitor’s website instead.

It means, for your content to have an SEO friendly content value, it requires to be advantageous to the searchers.

Top 5 Tips For Writing SEO Friendly Content

1. Make Use Of Headlines And Sub-headers

Headlines and sub-headers can significantly affect your SEO optimization.

The first one is, it makes your writing more credible, and therefore easier to read. Users prefer to share your content if it is easier to read.

The same is true for web search robots. When browsing through your website, they can identify your headlines and use them for a better understanding of your content.

Moreover, having headers and sub-headers boosts the traffic of keywords, though you need to be careful not to abuse this not to get around the system.

2. Include Links To Your Previous Content

Another way of ranking content by the search engines is through the number of backlinks they gain. Relevant contents are likely to get backlinks more frequently, both internally and externally.

Should you want to increase your traffic and be in a higher rank, don’t forget to link to them on your newer posts.  It helps your articles to catch the attention of the web search tools and your potential customers. You must also take note that links to excellent, reliable websites increase the validity of your website. The higher the quality of the links, the higher the rank your webpage will become in search results. The use of credible sources within the body of your text also builds trust with your potential customers.

3. Maximize The Length Of Your Article

Previously, blog posts were mostly composed of several hundred words. It was a game of numbers, the more articles you published, the more traffic you will gain. It is because, in the past years, search engines like Google, give more priority to longer and higher-quality content. Their goal is to deliver the best-possible answers to their users. In this way, it will narrow down the articles that provide the most accurate answer to the user’s query. Content with 300 words is not enough anymore. However, you must remember that it is not always the number but also the substance of your content.

You can always check on your Google Analytics reports and see which are the posts that gained the highest engagement. Which article, in particular, has garnered the most number of visits and which ones are read for the extended period of used time, use that information to find the approach that is going to work best for your business.

4. Carefully Choose Your Keywords

Some marketers write without guidelines, and they apply SEO at the last possible moment. On the contrary, others will start writing down the keywords first that will get included in their content.

The best way to start is to identify keywords related to your topic. Some can formulate their keywords instantly while others make use of the keyword planning tools such as the one from Google. Once you started writing, incorporate your chosen keywords in the title, headlines, Meta tags, and ALT tags.

5. Optimize Your Images

Images are essential as it makes your content more attractive and worthy of shares. Customers who use the web for purchasing have a stronger possibility to purchase from a company whose website is more engaging. You can optimize your images by adding keywords to it and give ALT tags.

Optimizing the size of the image is necessary. Photos with large sizes will slow down the load time and can negatively affect SEO. Convert the image as small as possible but make sure it won’t compromise its visual features or quality. There are several image editing tools available that allow you to do that with their in-built features.

Prioritizing your audience’s needs and wants from your content will give you great benefits when the time comes.

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