SEMrush has just announced that they have made some pretty impressive changes to their backlink tool. While SEMrush is one of our favourite tools in our toolkit, its backlink tool has been something that they could improve.

SEMrush Backlink Analysis Tool: What Has Changed?

SEMrush announced that they set out 6-months ago to completely overhaul their backlink analysis tool, and here are the results:

The above figures are a comparison between October 2018 and May 2019, so a period of 7-months.



As you can see above, SEMrush has increased their backlink database by 300% to 6.7 trillion backlinks. They have also increased the number of referring domains by 290% to 651 million.


The SEMrush crawler has definitely received a makeover. They now report that their crawler will crawl 200,000 URLs per second, which is an increase of 222%.


Keeping up with their triple-digit improvements, SEMrush has topped up their server to 4,000 petabytes. This is an increase of 300%.

I know plenty of SEO’s who use multiple tools in their business. This update from SEMrush may decrease the need to utilise other tools, making SEMrush a robust, complete suite digital marketing tool.

If you’re keen to try SEMrush to see whether it’s a good fit for your business, then click this link for a 7-day trial.

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