Pipedrive Enters Conversational Marketing With LeadBooster

Chatbots and conversational marketing have been very popular in recent times so it only makes sense that Pipedrive has added the feature to their software. Pipedrive announced today that it will be releasing a new feature named LeadBooster.

What Is LeadBooster?

LeadBooster is a conversational bot that will be visible on your website. Visitors to your site can engage with the chatbot, which can result in more leads being captured from your existing website traffic.

LeadBooster builds on Pipedrive’s powerful sales management software by allowing deals and contact records to be created in the Pipedrive CRM.

What Can LeadBooster Do?

LeadBooster will allow site visitors to schedule a meeting with your sales team, route hot leads directly to the most appropriate team member, and qualify website visitors.

It does this by allowing you to create simple question and answer paths that they will follow with engaging with the LeadBooster chatbot.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

LeadBooster is customizable so it can be adjusted to suit your brand. You can select your brand colours, or input your own copy.

It can be easily installed on your website with a simple snippet of code.

How Do I Access LeadBooster?

You will need a Pipedrive account to access LeadBooster. Click here to learn more about Pipedrive.

Finally, you can find the original announcement from Pipedrive by clicking here.

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