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Key Differences Between Push and Pull Marketing Strategy

Push And Pull Marketing Strategies are known to be a promotional strategy to get a product into the market. However, these two strategies differ in the way how customers are approached.

The 4 Main Differences Between Push And Pull Marketing Strategy

In Concept

Push Marketing

It is a promotional strategy also known as outbound marketing where companies or businesses make an effort to push their products or services to the customers.

Pull Marketing

On the other hand, it is a promotional strategy also known as inbound marketing, as it has an opposite approach wherein customers will be the ones to find you to address their issue, and companies or businesses make an effort to pull customers in.

In Strategy

Push Marketing

It is about developing a strategy to put your products or services before your customers. Emails and Cold calling fall under this type of promotional strategy. Aside from emails and cold calling, it also covers some of the paid advertising, such as TV and radio ads, print ads, and direct mail.

Pull Marketing

This promotional strategy makes it easier for your potential customers to find you. It focuses on promoting your product or service to increase the visibility of your brand and generate leads with the power of pulling strategies such as content marketing, organic social media, and expert recommendations.

In What Channels

Push Marketing

This marketing strategy often starts with offline marketing, but with some exceptions. An example of offline marketing includes direct mail postcard which results in encouraging your potential customers to visit your business location, your website or landing page, and or contact your business through the indicated landline number included in your mail. In the same way as Pull Marketing, it also takes advantage of the availability of emails to urge your potential customers to your physical location, business website, or landing page.

Pull Marketing

or the most part, Pull Marketing utilizes the benefits of internet-based research method wherein it makes use of the contents you create which drives your potential customers to your website and encourages them to fill in the form provided in your landing page or contact you through the landline number also found on your landing page.

In Terms Of Customer Engagement

Push Marketing

Push Marketing is no doubt can be very effective if it is properly executed, such as the sending of direct mails to your customers. By using the customer’s information that you have, you can establish a personal connection that makes them feel special, and through this personal connection, you can nurture your relationship with them that will enable you to convert them from leads to paying customers.

Pull Marketing

Having customers be the ones looking for you is such a rewarding experience. Pull Marketing, when properly executed, can generate leads on their own without your efforts to encourage them as they find your product or service interesting just with the power of the internet. This type of promotional strategy requires a long term strategy since you acquire your customers from the first stage of the sales funnel, and Push Marketing has to with it because it drives customers through emails, direct mails, cold calls, and personal encounters.

Use Both Push And Pull Marketing

Push and Pull Marketing Strategies has its own advantages and it also has disadvantages, but by using both of these strategies with a comprehensive approach you can reap their full benefits. Implementing Push Strategy with a properly executed Pull Strategy increases demand from consumers making it a highly effective promotional strategy.

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