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Is Digital Marketing Killing TV Advertising?

Is TV Advertising Already Dying? 

We all know that in the past, television was the most effective form of advertising media that you could use to reach a huge market in peak viewing time. However, people nowadays do not watch so much already during advertisements. People’s time and attention spent on TV advertisements are already decreasing. People tend to look at their phones or do other things while their TV show is on commercial break.

Brands used to believe that TV is the most effective form of marketing for reaching your target market but with the increasing number of people who are hooked up on digital formats, the marketing concept has changed.

If in the past, video killed the radio, it is also possible that digital advertising will also kill TV advertising. In today’s digital world, young adults or the millennials and generation Z utilized the use of new streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV to watch their favorite television programs. Only a very small percentage of millennials still watch TV through a digital antenna. This is a strong indication that there is already an obvious change in viewing preferences of the people throughout the last decade. Millennials and Generation X have already lost their interest in viewing video content material on a conventional TV.

While people are still watching more TV, they are watching less of it live. This causes a decline in income from advertising. Take into account what YouTube has done to improve their service to have a YouTube TV which enables its audiences to stream live TV to almost any device.

For TV advertising, they use factors such as attention, passion, intention, and consumption to define their audiences. But on the part of the digital advertising, they use data derived from KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to enable brands to personalize their digital ads to different customer segments, this is contrary to TV advertising. Data-driven marketing lets brands modify advertisements based on a customer’s interests, preferences or buying habits which can result in more creative and high-quality advertisements that deliver a return on investment.

TV audiences, including cable, are rapidly decreasing because the younger generations prefer to choose mobile solutions. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube TV, Google Play Movies and Apple TV are the significant players of today’s market.

How Is Digital Marketing More Effective?

Digital marketing is considered to be the most favored form of advertising nowadays. Thus, while digital advertising is at its peak, it is a great idea for marketers to take advantage of this opportunity. Collaborating or working with the perfect team and advertising platform for your brand or business gives you the highest probability of success. By the use of digital marketing, you can reach out to your customers at each and every stage of the sales process using search, video and display advertisements.

With the decrease of ratings and advertising revenues, it is now evident that digital marketing is gradually killing traditional TV advertising.

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