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How Often Do You Need To Blog For Your Business

What every business aim is to drive targeted traffic to their respective business website. However, the question for most is, How Often Do You Need To Blog For Your Business?

How Important And How Often Do You Need To Blog For Your Business


Quantity Is Important But Don’t Compromise It With Quality

It is not always about having more blogs that can get you more leads, but instead, you need to focus on the quality of the blog. The more you update your content, the more traffic it will drive to your website.

Companies or businesses that published content at least three to five times a month or once a month have more chance of driving more traffic twice as much as those who don’t.

The more content that you publish, the higher the chance for your website to acquire external links, social media shares, and indexed pages in Google’s search results. The problem with this one, some misunderstood it that made them create content just for the sake of having one.

Creating irrelevant content that does not reflect with your brand or your business goals can weaken your website’s ability to influence others. This is why the quality of your content should be the first one to consider.

Creating and publishing your content doesn’t stop there, you will also need to work on promoting and sharing your post across your social media platforms.

Referral links are also important, You need to monitor your progress. Identify a particular post that can drive more traffic and then focus on promotional technics afterward.

Consistency Is Very Important In Business Blogging

Be consistent, this is indeed a very important aspect. Posting your blog once a week the same day. You also need to know the perfect time and day where your desired traffic is being achieved. Determine the blog that has the highest number of engagement to your website.

If you already have established a loyal following, they may in return be expecting a new post on that particular day or time, or to receive a newsletter on the same day of the week.

Know Your Capacity To Publish

Don’t go overboard. You should know your limits. Consistency is indeed an important aspect of blogging. However, if you don’t have the ability to publish multiple posts in a day, don’t force yourself to beat or keep up with the competition and create several articles that some don’t even matter or not relevant with your brand just to make even with the number of blogs posted by bigger companies. These tactics will not help you with your marketing campaign.

Always remember to only work on what you can manage. If you can only publish one to two articles a week, then that is fine. Take into consideration your financial and manpower resources.

Focus On Your Audience’s Needs

“The Customer is always right”. This motto or slogan can also be applied in blogging. As your audiences, readers or followers are your customers. You should pay attention to what are they looking for. Put your shoes on theirs so you will feel their needs. Try to focus on creating articles that you yourself know that you are the answer to what they are looking for, and which they can’t find it on the others.

By providing them their needs and updating your blogs regularly with relevant content, you will gradually increase your traffic and build a loyal following on your posts.

One of the easiest ways to get yourself on the SERPs is to sponsor your blog posts with Google Ads. In this way, you can monitor your click-through-rates and be able to develop and improve your content based on what your audience needs.

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