GetResponse Review 2019 – Everything You Need To Know

In this GetResponse review, we will take a look at everything you need to know about this popular marketing automation software. GetResponse describes themselves as a provider of email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, and list growth tools.

We’ll take a look at each of these features so you can decide whether GetResponse is a fit for your business.

GetResponse Review TL:DR

MAP’s Overall Rating: 9/10

We love GetResponse… read on to find out why.

What Does GetResponse Do?

Like most marketing automation tools, GetResponse has a long list of solutions that it can help your business with. Access to specific tools is dependant on the level of your GetResponse plan.

The full list of solutions is:

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Landing pages
  • Webinars
  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Ecommerce
  • Forms & surveys
  • List building & management
  • Analytics & optimization
  • Design tools
  • Account & campaign management

GetResponse also offers a suite of integrations and enterprise solutions. We will explore each of these features in greater detail below, but first, let’s take a look at the GetResponse’s pricing.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse’s pricing is dictated by the type of plan that you choose. The features and list size differ across the plans.

GetResponse have named their plans Email, Pro, Max, and Enterprise.

  Email Pro Max Enterprise
(starting from)
$15/month $49/month $165/month $1,199/month
List Size 1,000 5,000 10,000 Custom

The list size quoted in the above table is the starting list size of the plan. For example, on the Email plan, you can pay $15/month and have up to 1,000 contacts on your list. Once you go over 1,000 contacts, you would select a higher list size option. In the Email plan, the next step after 1,000 contacts is 2,500 contacts and resultant price increase takes it to $25/month.

The benefit of this model is that the platform scales with your list size. You have the option of not paying for features or contacts if your business is not at that level yet. As your business grows, GetResponse can also grow to suit your marketing needs.

To see a full breakdown of pricing for GetResponse and to see the impact of changing the list size, check out GetResponse’s pricing page.

GetResponse also offers discounts if you pay for your plan upfront for a 12-month period (18% discount) or 24-months (30% discount).

Another point I really like about GetResponse is that they a fully functional 1-month trial without the need for inputting credit card details. I don’t know about you, but I have been caught by the dreaded “forgotten trial subscription” on more than one occasion where I ended up paying for something that I didn’t intend to keep…

GetResponse Plan Differences

Wondering what the key differences are between the different GetResponse plans? We’ve summarized the different features across the plans in the following table.

  Email Pro Max Enterprise
Email Marketing        
> Autoresponders
> Landing Pages (Basic)
> Landing Pages (Advanced)
> Webinars
(100 attendees)

(500 attendees)

(500 attendees)
> Custom DKIM
> Campaign Consulting
> Account Manager
> Dedicated Infrastructure
> Dedicated IP address
> Max mailout performance
> Deliverability consulting
Marketing Automation        
> Workflows
> Tags
> Scoring
> Abandoned Cart
> Web Event Tracking
> Automation Segmentation
Users 1 3 5 10
Transactional Emails

GetResponse Features

Let’s take a deep dive into the core features of GetResponse. But first, I feel that it’s important to point out one little fact.

I am a user of GetResponse, as well as other marketing automation platforms including ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Ontraport and others. I have seen other reviews where I have questioned whether the writer is an active user of the platform so I am consciously writing this review from my experiences. Where I have no experience with a feature, I will point this out and I will not offer advice from my perspective. If there is some interesting points around that feature, I will talk about those and will update the review once I have used those features.

Well, with that out of the way, let’s dive into the core features of GetResponse.

Email Marketing

With any marketing automation platform, email marketing is definitely a core feature. GetResponse is no different. Their email marketing module is robust and as full featured as most other email autoresponders.

It’s possible to design beautiful emails, as well as send plain text campaigns. This gives you maximum flexibility with your approach to build a virtual relationship with your list.

Deliverability is a key concern of mine when it comes to any email autoresponder. GetResponse’s email deliverability boasts 99% email deliverability, which has been independently confirmed by Return Path. GetResponse has been whitelisted by most major internet service providers, so as long as your practice sound email marketing practices, your emails should hit your contact’s inbox.

The autoresponder function within GetResponse allows you to send both time based and step email campaigns. Again, this gives you an insane amount of flexibility when it comes to building email marketing campaigns. I’ve sent plenty of emails through GetResponse’s platform and, whilst it takes a bit of getting used to, it’s a breeze to send emails once you’ve got a hang of the platform.

If you like your emails to look pretty, then GetResponse has got your back. They have over 500 HTML email templates that you can use to get your emails started. These templates are customizable, so if you like the look of a particular template but want to add your brand colours, this is completely doable.

The GetResponse email platform has a pretty powerful feature called Perfect Timing. This is a big data approach to calculating the best time of the day to send an email in an effort to increase the email open probability. This is calculated per contact – which means that if you have 15,000 contacts, then GetResponse will calculate the optimal time for 15,000 emails to be sent. GetResponse have calculated that this increases the open rate of emails by 23%. This feature is definitely a strong point of GetResponse’s platform.

If you have an international list, you may have had the thought that you could be sending emails to your contacts in the dead of night. This would obviously have a negative impact on email open rates and therefore the success of your email marketing campaigns. Luckily, GetResponse has a feature called Time Travel. This delivers your email at exactly the same time across time zones. For example, if you decide to send an email to your list at 8:37am your time, then GetResponse will delay the sending of your email to people in other time zones until it is 8:37am their time.

If you consistently publish content to your blog, then the RSS-to-email function within GetResponse is going to help you get eyeballs on your freshly published article. Once set up, it automatically sends an email to selected portions of your list informing them that you have published a new article. The success of this email can be tracked and you can see how many people from your list has clicked through to the blog.

One thing that I don’t like about the GetResponse email platform is how you have to create a draft message in a separate section of the email module before you can add it to an automation. This results in needless switching between screens and modules and kills the creative flow of designing an automation workflow. To this day, I still forget to write my draft messages before I start building workflows. If I was to provide feedback to GetResponse about their email marketing module, it would be to build the capability to craft new messages direct from the workflow/automation design screen.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation can help you leverage your time and scale your business by automating repetitive tasks. It assists with one of my core beliefs for business – work hard once. With marketing automation, it may take some time to plan out and implement the automation sequence, but once done, it can execute a process over and over again on auto-pilot. Let’s take a look at the GetResponse marketing automation features.

Marketing automation helps you track your contacts actions and triggers GetResponse to perform prescribed actions to help move your contacts through the customer journey. If you’re new to marketing automation, GetResponse has got you covered with templates for workflows from welcome emails to engagement campaigns.

GetResponse also features a fairly standard tagging feature so you can segment your contacts according to their actions. This can help to weave automation workflows together. I am an advocate of having smaller workflows connected by conditions so that you are able to troubleshoot automation breakdowns easier. I’ve seen monster automations where an error early in the process has killed the remainder of the automation. Because of the size of the automation, it takes ages to locate the breakdown.

True marketing automation helps bring together data from all your marketing sources – email, website traffic, etc – and GetResponse’s web event tracking helps you identify the actions your contacts take on your site. This gives you plenty of options by being able to trigger automation actions off completed actions on your website or visited URLs. This also flows into the tagging and scoring mentioned above, as you are able to assign a score towards actions completed on your website.

Landing Pages

GetResponse has really put effort into building a complete marketing automation platform. Some providers (for example ActiveCampaign) have not ventured into landing page builders, however, GetResponse have added this to their toolkit.

The landing page builder isn’t as intuitive as other providers, however, it gets the job done. Once you’ve taken some time to get the hang of it, you’ll be able to punch out a landing page fairly quickly. Again, GetResponse gives you plenty of templates to get you started.

Considering how many people use their mobile device as their primary device, it’s important that your landing pages are mobile responsive. GetResponse have this natively built into their landing page builder so anything you build on your laptop will effortlessly transition to a mobile screen while maintaining functionality.

Again, the user experience is something that GetResponse could work on to make the landing page building process a bit more intuitive, however, it isn’t a deal breaker. It’s impossible to find a perfect landing page builder and, considering the other features in GetResponse, it’s still a great platform.


GetResponse’s webinar module is something that I have not used, however, it is something that I will take for a test drive in the near future. I have run webinars on other platforms (GoToWebinar & Zoom) so it’ll be interesting to see how the webinar platform for GetResponse will stack up.

One major plus for GetResponse webinars is the cost. It’s included in the Pro package for $49/month… you’ll struggle to find a standalone webinar platform at this cost, let alone a platform that can handle email marketing, marketing automation, and landing pages as well. I’m very interested in seeing how I can work all the modules together to deliver a leading customer experience. Considering that I have had to use separate systems to deliver ‘show up’ and ‘follow up’ campaigns both before and after the webinar, it’s appealing to be able to do it within one platform.


I haven’t used the CRM side of GetResponse extensively, however, it clearly has a lot of potential. The platform features a visual sales pipeline (similar to Pipedrive or ActiveCampaign deals) so that you can see where your contacts are up to in your sales funnel. GetResponse has all the features that you’d expect of a CRM system, like being able to take notes, create tasks, and monitor your progress.

It appears that you can trigger automations and workflows from progressing deal cards in the CRM module, however, I haven’t personally tested it. This looks great and I’ll be sure to come back here to update this review once I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces.


I don’t really play in the ecommerce space so I’m not sure how GetResponses ecommerce functionality stacks up. It has some integrations, however, it appears that some of the big players are missing (e.g. Shopify), however, GetResponse has an API so I’m sure that it could be connected.

GetResponse claims to be able to trigger automations based on store action, but it also features other functions such as signing up to your marketing list. There is also analytics built into the GetResponse platform so that you know what actions your subscribers are taking.

Forms & Surveys

GetResponse also has a forms & surveys module in the platform that is handy for creating assets to help you build your email list. It’s possible to trigger an automation from a form submission so that you can either deliver a lead magnet or send a welcome sequence.

I’ve used the forms module of GetResponse and my feedback is similar to other modules… it’s not the most user-friendly but gets the job done.

List Building & Management

List hygiene is often overlooked when it comes to email marketing. GetResponse has a number of features that help keep your lists clean such. This helps keep deliverability high and makes sure that your email marketing campaigns are compliant. This helps if you are just getting started with email marketing since it can be easy to break a few rules without knowing.

Most other providers have most of these features so it doesn’t really set GetResponse apart, but it is handy to know exists.

Enterprise Features

I don’t have any experience with the enterprise features of GetResponse so I won’t go into those, however, if you think that an enterprise level account is what you need, you should reach out to GetResponse directly to schedule a demo and see whether it matches your needs.


I’ve needed to contact GetResponse’s support team on a number of occasions – this ranged from technical issues to feature enquiries. They have always been quick to respond and helpful.

The support options are live chat and email, which means that you can’t pick up the phone and call support. This isn’t a negative for me as I’d rather live chat to support anyway.

The support team are also upfront, i.e. they tell like it is. For example, I messaged them the other day to enquire about whether they have an automated webinar feature. Their response? No, we don’t have that.


User Experience

When I first started using GetResponse, I had the impression that the user experience wasn’t as intuitive as other marketing automation platforms. The automation builder takes a bit of getting used to and page builder is a bit clunky but I have seen noticeable improvements over the past few months.


GetResponse has a suite of training courses that you can take to improve your marketing skills. These range from list building to email marketing, so you’ll never be short on something new to learn or review.

They also offer certification programs across five areas:

  • Email marketing,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Landing page & conversion optimization,
  • Content marketing, and
  • Inbound sales .

These certification programs are priced at $199 each. I haven’t been certified by GetResponse so I can’t comment on the content of the certification course.

I am planning on taking one, so I will come back and update this review when I do.

List Building Program

As mentioned above, GetResponse offers a list building program that aims to educate you about the basics of building an email list for your business. You’ve probably heard the saying “the money is in the list” so it’s obvious that building a list is important for your business.

GetResponse Autofunnel

GetResponse has just released a feature that they are calling autofunnel. It allows you to build your entire funnel in the GetResponse platform, including:

  • landing pages,
  • thank you pages,
  • forms,
  • email sequences,
  • sales pages,
  • payment integrations,
  • order confirmations,
  • webinar scheduling,
  • … and much more.

I haven’t tried this feature out yet, but I will come back and update this review when I do.

GetResponse Review: The Verdict

In case you haven’t been able to tell, I like GetResponse. It’s a great way to cut your teeth on marketing automation since it is so competitively priced at the lower end, and yet it has the features that will allow you to scale up as your business grows.

Would You Like A Fully Functional GetResponse Free Trial?

As I mentioned before, GetResponse offers a fully functional free trial that doesn’t require you to input your credit card details. This means that you can try the platform out and, if you like it, you simply need to add payment details at the end of the trial period. If you don’t like it, you won’t see any unexpected deductions on your credit card since they won’t have your details.

I’m sure you’ll love GetResponse though and you’ve got nothing to lose so you should definitely at least trial the platform.

Author: Shane

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  1. Thank you so much for this nice and in depth review, it shows clearly you have used some features of the Get response, I think I specially like the way the software is designed as it helps in landing page, e-commerce, webiner and many more.i will surely give it a trial and check things out for myself.

  2. very nice and thorough review of GetResponse in 2019. People use to think email marketing wouldnt be effective nowadays but most of the time it is not the truth. In many cases it is actually one necessary tool or strategy in your marketing toolbox I would say. GetResponse sounds pretty good choice, I will take a further look at it. Especially  I need templates for workflows like welcome emails and some automation for the process. 

  3. Wow, this looks likes something I should go with my online bussnises that I am doing right now. Thanks for doing this review, this seems very useful for anyone who´s going to start an online business or that wants to increase their activity. I will share this with my friends and family. Bye

  4. Thanks for your updated GetResponse review for 2019. The platform has evolved quite a bit since I first used it 4 years ago based on the latest features and services that you highlighted. I started with that platform 4 years ago and moved to a competitor’s platform about 6 months later.

    At that time, it was a pricing issue (I got more features for a little less money) but now I see that GetResponse has not only caught up, it is even better in some ways. Of particular interest is the webinars feature they now have. That was not available back then.

    The tagging feature is also very useful to segment your list as you grow it, as you can then determine what sets of emails to send to your leads depending on where they may be in your sales pipelines and campaigns. That is very useful and almost a must these days.

    The many other new features that you have highlighted tell me that we can give GetResponse a try now as it has been fleshed out to stay competitive with the other platforms out there, and the monthly prices are also competitive, unlike in the days when I transferred to another. Do you recommend starting out with the pro-level after the free trial or which level might be best do you think?

    1. Hi Dave, 

      Thanks for your comment. 

      GetResponse definitely has come a long way in recent years. Their new autofunnel feature looks very interesting as well. 

      In terms of a recommendation, it really depends on what your business needs are. The ‘Email’ plan is great for early-stage businesses just looking to start a list and begin email marketing. The ‘Pro’ plan is perfect if you’re looking to use more advanced marketing strategies in your business. 



  5. From what GetResponse says it offers, I will be excited to imagine that I can get all that. Being an online entrepreneur I know the importance of email lists, landing pages and growth tools. 99% of the email delivery ability feature is really great. I believe this will boost conversions. I also like automation that actually work. If I can track my contacts actions, then this works for me. At least I will have a clue on what is happening.

     I think their package plan is favorable I am glad they have a one-month trial period before you decide to purchase. As a serious business person, I will take this offer up and if I see it working for me, then I can purchase.

    Thank you for summarizing the package plans in great detail.Great article!

  6. Thanks Shane for posting. I am a beginner and just wanted to see which is the best plug-in for managing email lists and how email marketing is done. I admit that your job did not soften me at all, but it opened my eyes. However I think Sendin Blue is better for me, now at first, because it offers 300 free emails per day and I still have no income.

    1. Hi Carmen, 

      I haven’t tried Sendin Blue before, I’ll have to check it out. GetResponses lowest plan allows you to send emails to 1,000 subscribers so still useful if that’s all you’re looking to use it for. 



  7. Everyone don’t have ll the time to be wasting time before they can type  directly on the automation when other platform can do that with ease. I think this autoresponder needs  to address that. If someone asks me about autoresponder, I think I will be able to tell the person very well unlike before. Based on this price list , does that mean the email plan will need an upsell before they can benefit from what other plans can offer? Will it be able to work for a two months old website? 

    1. Hi Stella, 

      Yep, it’ll work with any business, regardless of age, that is looking to build an email list. 

      You can move up the plans as your business grows. It’s quite easy to start down the low end and move to higher tiers once your needs evolve. 



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