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Emails You Should Be Using To Increase Conversion Rates

What Kind Of Emails You Should Be Using To Increase Conversion Rates

VIP Email Offers

Customers always want to feel special. If you urge your customers to sign up for your email list with the guarantee that you would offer them personal benefits and “VIP” content, therefore, following up on that promise is a must.

Therefore the best way to encourage existing customers to use your product or service is to send them offers such as exclusive subscriber offers, promo codes, free samples, courses, webinars, podcasts, or anything that they can avail for discounts on their 2nd or 3rd deal, and so on. It would make them much more interested in coming to you again and again.

Renewal Automated Emails

These emails are required if you want to retain customers, especially if you have a subscription-based product or service. It is crucial to remind customers when it is about time to renew their membership.

For example, send reminders to your customers whose credit cards are about to expire. Let them know that they need to update it if they want to keep using your service. If you are offering a free trial, don’t forget to remind your customers to renew their service.

Inactivity Automated Emails

The purpose of inactivity emails is to re-engage customers who have not engaged with your business for some time.

In some cases, inactivity arises because of customers who do not fully understand your product or service. You can send them an email with applicable information and recommendations that can make them more engaged with your business.

Send automated emails to regain lost clients, such as customers who abandoned their shipping cart. You can send them an email reminding them to purchase the item left in their shipping cart. Abandoned cart emails are necessary for any e-commerce business that wants to reduce their cart abandonment rate and boost revenue.

Transactional Automated Emails

Transactional email is an underrated strategy for retaining customers. Emails such as receipts, invoices, notifications, reports, and so on are opened 8x more often than promotional emails. These automated emails are not usually considered in marketing automation. However, it is a clear offering that is taken advantage of by some marketers.

In short, if you are not sending out transactional automated emails, you are losing the opportunity to retain your customers.


Reviews are remarkably helpful in getting existing customers back and for acquiring new customers as well. Provide your customers some time to try on your newest product or service. It is, by all means, reliant on the product and its use. Regardless of whether they have negative feedback and possibly won’t buy again, you can use their review to help you improve your product or your service itself.

Those are the Emails You Should Be Using To Increase Conversion Rates. This is to remind your customers of what you are offering them. Staying top of mind with your customers important as this will make you their priority, which in turn will increase conversion rates.

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