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Digital Advertising 101: Risk vs. Effort in Online Marketing

Today, creating a marketing plan is necessary but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are dozens of advertising strategies to choose from. And, although marketing is not an exact science, choosing the most suitable strategy can bring your company substantially more success than other options.

This is the reason why online marketing is becoming so popular. Unlike most traditional channels, digital advertising allows an unprecedented level of control and customisation that makes it a great fit for almost all industries.

That being said, it’s understandable that not all business owners are ready to jump in head-first. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with the risks or the amount of effort required to launch a successful online campaign.

Why Focus on Online Marketing?

There’s no question that digital marketing is reshaping the world of advertising. Thanks to online ads, you can now track and make changes to your ads that are not performing as intended.

Not only this, but you also have a number of pricing models to choose from. You can even select a model where you only pay depending on the performance of your ad.

Finally, advertising through online channels allows you to potentially reach billions of users while still costing a fraction of what traditional advertising would add up to.

why focus on online marketing

Risk vs. Effort in Online Marketing

Although most industry experts laud digital advertising, it’s important to understand the implications before delving in. There are several risks you need to take into consideration before making a decision.

And, you also need to measure the effort required to really decide if you can take on the tasks or if you have to wait until you have more availability.


There is a strong chance pricing is among your top priorities when evaluating online marketing. The great thing about advertising online is that you can start off with a small budget and build as you go along.

You can begin with a relatively small budget, especially compared to television and radio ads. Additionally, most online advertising platforms let you set up a daily budget, so you will never have to worry about exceeding your advertising funds.

It goes without saying that this requires a significant amount of effort, especially considering you have to track, examine, and adjust ads and your bids accordingly.


Online marketing is the only form of advertising that allows extensive tracking. This doesn’t pose a risk in the traditional sense, but it does add to the amount of work you have to do. However, this helps build intricate campaigns that may become your next lead generating machine.


Like tracking, digital advertising is the only mainstream form of ads that allow you to edit your content halfway through your campaign without requiring additional payments. This task can take a significant amount of time from your team, but it lets them adjust your ads and pause the ones that are underperforming.

Maximum Reach

With an online marketing campaign, you have the ability to target local, regional, national, and even global markets. Unfortunately, if you don’t set your location settings, you may end up targeting places that are outside of your service area.

But, as long as you make the right adjustments, the ability to reach different audiences should have a great impact and it should not require much effort as you already know the areas you cover.

online marketing maximum reach

Finding Effective Ways to Improve Efficiency

Opting to start an online marketing campaign is a great idea because the risks associated are much lower than traditional channels. But, digital advertising is an ongoing task so it adds another item to your team’s workload.

Fortunately, automation can help carry out the repetitive tasks that take out a huge portion of your team’s workday. At Marketing & Business Automation, our team of engineers specialises in developing automated solutions that help improve your company’s performance.

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