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Are Instagram Bots Worth It?

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagram Bots are one of the automation tools for Instagram marketing that allow a company to obtain followers for their Instagram account.

If you are working on promoting your company or business on Instagram, you need to produce high-quality content and promote your account to gain more customers. This is where you will need the help of Instagram Bots.

The purpose of Instagram Bots is to help you execute certain actions such as liking, commenting, and following other accounts on Instagram, all done through automation. These are the daily actions most users do on Instagram, but these can take up much of your time.

However, with the availability of Instagram bots, you can put in parameters, like specific hashtags, leave comments on accounts that are on the targeted lists, this is to help increase followers and user’s engagement on the company’s account, and all of these actions can be done by a bot.

Do Instagram Bots Really Work?

Bots follow a specific pattern, it is to follow, and like other people and comment on their posts on your behalf. So, in other words, they can do in your favor all of the usual activities on Instagram on a daily basis. However, bots don’t understand context. Bots are mostly used to promote business accounts on Instagram, but if you desire to have it for your personal account, you can also use it.

If you want to gain more followers on your Instagram account, you can use any Instagram bot. On the other hand, if functioning followers with engagements is what you wanted, you need to use the ones with targeting tools. You can assign targets for the bot, in order for it to only interact with users who are qualified only within your targets. Targets include details such as usernames, hashtags, and locations.

Why Do You Need To Worry?

Instagram bots are an easy and fast solution for businesses who want to gain more following and increase their social media presence. They are ideal for businesses with limited to no time to spend increasing their following on Instagram. However, this move is probably not worth it, it is very risky, and this is exactly why do you worry about when using Instagram bots.

The major issue in using them is, they access Instagram’s API (Application Program Interface) without the permission of the social networking application. All types of automation on Instagram constitutes a violation.

It strictly violates Instagram’s Terms of Use particularly the following.

  • You must not access Instagram’s private API by means other than those permitted by Instagram.
  • Don’t store or cache Instagram login credentials.
  • Don’t use the Instagram API to display User Content, import or backup content, or manage Instagram relationships, without our prior permission.
  • Ensure your comments are tailored for each person.
  • Don’t post unauthorized commercial communication or spam on Instagram. Don’t enable a business to take more than one action on Instagram at a time.
  • Don’t use an unreasonable amount of bandwidth, or impact the stability of servers or the behavior of other apps using the Instagram APIs.

Also, your account would end up getting banned for going beyond Instagram’s daily and hourly limits.

As much as possible, we encourage you not to make use of Instagram Bots, especially for business purposes. It is more important for a business to have an organic engagement as it creates more engaged followers. Instead of increasing your social media presence, using bots to represent you, might just end up ruining your brand or business.

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