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If you’re wondering whether you can use ActiveCampaign for affiliate marketing purposes, then this blog is for you. Like any software, ActiveCampaign has a long list of terms and policies. If you’re anything like 99% of the human population, you probably don’t read these policies and simply hit “I agree”…

Because of this, it’s quite common for important information to be missed. When it comes to ActiveCampaign, one of the potentially missed policies is their approach to affiliate marketing.

Can You Use ActiveCampaign For Affiliate Marketing

In short, no. ActiveCampaign has an Anti Spam Policy that does not allow affiliate marketing. This can seem counter-intuitive since ActiveCampaign itself has an affiliate program. Despite this, ActiveCampaign sticks to their guns… they don’t even allow emails to be sent from their software promoting their own affiliate program!

You can read more about ActiveCampaign’s Affiliate Marketing Policy here.

It’s important to note that ActiveCampaign doesn’t completely outlaw affiliate marketing links. They state that if you include an affiliate link amongst an email comprised of high-quality content, then you aren’t going to get in trouble… so long as the sole purpose of the email isn’t to push an affiliate link or other. For me, it isn’t worth the risk to flaunt AC’s terms of service, so I’d recommend steering clear of using ActiveCampaign for affiliate marketing purposes.

What Marketing Automation Can You Use?

I love ActiveCampaign. I’ve been migrating my offline businesses across to the platform for months now. I even have clients on ActiveCampaign, so obviously I’m a fan. But at the end of the day, as a “certified marketing automation nerd”, I need to stay on top of other options for clients and associates that have particular needs. One of these needs is to be able to set up marketing and business automation for marketers that participate in affiliate marketing.

Luckily, there are a few other options:

There is probably a heap of other options that are available, but they’re the ones that spring to mind as I sit here typing this blog with one hand and juggling my one-year-old son with the other.

Do I Need Marketing Automation If I’m An Affiliate Marketer?

Yes! I believe that if you’re in a business that relies on interacting with humans in order to make money, then marketing automation can help you grow and scale your business.

If you’re serious about serving your niche then you’re going to need a way to nurture them as they build a relationship with your business and begin to trust your product or service recommendations.


Marketing and business automation is an essential ingredient to growing and scaling your business… but you need to be aware of the terms of service. If you breach them, you run the risk of having your account limited or worse.

Whilst ActiveCampaign doesn’t allow you to use their software for affiliate marketing purposes, you have plenty of other options available to you. Whatever software solution you choose, choose something… the freedom and scale that marketing and business automation provides are worth making the investment.

Author: Shane

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  1. This is another tool I would like to use to grow my blog. I have a very basic set up now for my blog that emails subscribers but I would like to have something with a more professional touch. The ability to track subscribers is definitely a big win with this software. I couldn’t find out how long the free trial lasts though, do you know?

    1. Hey Dave!

      Thanks very much for your comment! I mentioned a few tools in the blog so I’ll address the free trial for each:

      ActiveCampaign has a 14 day free trial

      Aweber is 30 days

      GetResponse is 30 days

      Ontraport has a 90 day “risk free trial”… you actually pay during this period, however if you cancel they will refund everything you’ve paid so far. 

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. 



  2. Hi thanks for interesting post. I’m in two minds as to whether or not it would be good for me to use this tool. You cover some interesting points on what you can and cannot do with this platform. Would you recommend this to be used if you’re new to affiliate marketing as it seems that this is a more advanced tools for experienced online marketers? Thanks Kenny 

    1. Hey Kenny!

      Thanks for your comment!

      If you’re referring to ActiveCampaign, then no I don’t recommend it for affiliate marketing because they don’t allow it 😉

      You can however use one of the other tools, such as Get Response. I recommend that you get a marketing and business automation tool as soon as possible as it’ll allow you to engage (and track engagement) with your audience. It’s not just for experience online marketers, it’ll actually help you become a more experienced online marketer as you learn the marketing and business automation strategies. 



  3. Thanks for that information Shane..

    I am on the cusp of automating emails and I assume that Active Campaign is an auto responder of some kind.. I will have to do some more research into it because you are obviously well into that level of marketing and you have valuable experience to share.

    I have checked out their site and I must confess, Active Campaign has the ethos I have been looking for.

    Building a strong bond with potential and existing clients is so important with all the mistrust and scams there are on the internet today.

    I am wondering how the limitation on Affiliate Marketing can be avoided. I have specific “CTO” pages which I link to from content, so there would be no affiliate link as such in the emails, but there would be a link to specific page on my website. Does that classify as an affiliate link?

    I really like the ethos of Active Campaign but wonder about the limitations for an affiliate marketer like myself.

    1. Hey HappyB!

      Thanks for commenting!

      I love ActiveCampaign… But I also like not getting into trouble! It’s best not flaunt the rules if you’re an affiliate marketer. GetResponse and Aweber are two alternatives that will help you automate your marketing and business to help build those relationships. 



  4. I’m not sure I understand . . .they don’t allow other companies’ affiliate links? Like, if I were to promote, say, an affiliate link from Amazon, I could get in trouble with the company? 

    That sounds rather counter-intuitive to me, but I supposed they’re trying to cut down on spam. I’m using MailChimp at the moment for my funnel, but I’ve heard it’s best to move after you build up a decent following. What would be your top recommendation for that?

    1. Hey Genesis,

      Thanks for your comment!

      It does sound counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Especially when they have their own affiliate program 😂

      MailChimp is great to start but with a small investment you can get a heap more functionality. A good step up from MailChimp is GetResponse or Aweber. I’ve also mentioned Ontraport above, but that’s significantly more expensive. 

      I’ve linked out to a few alternates above, feel free to check them out. 



  5. Excellent post, Shane

    I was just reading about someone in a Facebook group I belong to who had his gmail account blocked for sending too much mail.  Definitely a good idea to set up a separate email account when using email automation tools.

    Losing your primary email account would be a huge problem for most people.  It actually makes me a bit uneasy just thinking about it.  Time to back it up!  🙂



    1. Hey Steve!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Email providers are on the ball these days… that’s why it pays to use a dedicated email marketing platform. Using gmail for marketing purposes is trouble waiting to happen!



  6. I have been looking into GetResponse. It appears to be very effective and I haven’t seen to many cons to using it. I was wondering how you feel about popup ads that pop up when someone is trying to x out of a page. I know that I personally feel it is a little annoying. Have you tried this and do you know if it is effective? Thank you for the information. I look forward to expanding my horizon.

    1. Hey Anthony!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Definitely check out GetResponse. Easy to get started, relatively cheap, and features that you can add on as your business needs change. 

      When it comes to marketing strategies – exit intent pops included – I try to shy away from my personal preferences… my answer is to always test! If you think that exit intent pops may give your opt-ins a boost, then give it a try and see whether you collect additional leads. My number 1 rule with marketing is “test and measure”.



  7. I actually like the policy that you need to have good quality content to put your affiliate link into. Too many times we see crappy spam mails with affiliate links that bring no value whatsoever. So in the long run, that’s a good business descision.

    I totally agree that you need automation if you ever want to scale your business. Of the three options you mention I find Get Response one of the better options if you’re new to the game.

    1. Hey Jurgen!

      Thanks very much for your comment.

      I agree… there is too much crappy content emails… although I’m sure that my writing hasn’t been the best 😉 As long as the intention is there to create good quality content!

      I agree with you. GetResponse is easy to get started, relatively cheap and packed with features that you can add on as you scale. 

      Thanks again!


  8. Hi Shane, I am new to the affiliate marketing, and there are tonnes of useful information here, your suggestion and also I learnt from the comments above! I just realised that Google plus does the same, they won’t allow me to share affiliate links. So your clear explanation is very important to newbies like me. It takes time to understand a platform and without guidance there are too many choices! Thanks for your article! 

  9. Interesting post. I am not used to affiliate marketing that’s why when i was passing through your post i ask myself many questions

    – I want to promote Wealthy Affiliate ,if i want to use activecampaign what will i do as u said they don’t allow the affiliate links?

    – What is the other tool i can use to promote my business?

    Thank you


    1. Hey Julienne!

      Thanks so much for you comment.

      You definitely should NOT use ActiveCampaign is you wish to promote Wealthy Affiliate. I love AC, but they simply don’t allow it. Some other marketing automation platforms that you may choose to use are Get Response,  Aweber, or Ontraport.

      I hope that helps!


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