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3 Reasons To Use Marketing Automation

There are plenty of reasons why you should be using marketing automation in your business. In this blog, I’m going to take a look at the first three reasons that spring to mind… Mainly because my son is having a bath and I estimate that I only have time to write a few paragraphs before I have to go help my wife 😉

So here it is… the first three reasons that spring to mind are:

Reclaim Your Time

I’m yet to meet a business owner who has said, “You know what Shane… I started my business to work 80 hours a week and to sacrifice all the stuff I like doing” but the sad reality is that there are so many business owners in this exact position. I can confidently say that most business owners start out with the vision of “freedom“…. however many business owners get stuck with the exact opposite.

They become slaves to their business and are petrified that if they step away for any period of time, you know, for a holiday or something, then the business will collapse. If you’re in this position then I have some news for you… it sounds like you’ve built a job for yourself, rather than a business.

A business is simply a series of systems that are deployed to achieve an objective… usually about serving clients profitably. Marketing automation, in a nutshell, is a system that allows you to automate many of the tasks in your business. When used well, it can free up significant amounts of time.

Consistent Client Experience

Whenever I talk about marketing automation, people instantly think of the front end… acquiring clients. The reality is that marketing automation is extremely useful in helping your business deliver a consistent client experience. This is a good thing for a number of reasons:

  • Every client receives the same onboarding experience
  • It reduces the chance that crucial onboarding tasks are missed
  • Clients can be “trained” how to interact with your business, i.e. how to contact you, who to contact etc.

This area has been a focus for me recently since I gave my own onboarding experience in my offline business a complete overhaul. I’ve also helped some clients supercharge their onboarding experience. If you haven’t given much thought to your onboarding experience, then I encourage you to do so. If you have any questions or are looking for ideas, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help.

Advance The Client Journey

The Client Journey is simply the process that someone takes to go from a complete stranger to your business or brand to becoming a client… and eventually an advocate. It’s possible to use marketing automation to advance the client journey, well, automatically.

For example, some marketing automation systems allow you to ‘tag’ clients when they perform certain tasks (e.g. visit your blog five times + your contact page). This may indicate that they are no longer a ‘stranger’ to your business and are now evaluating your business as a potential solution to a problem that they have. When set up correctly, marketing automation will allow you to lead your prospects through the client journey… and the best part… you don’t actually have to be there!

Wrapping up…

Well, I can hear my son getting ready to get out of the bath so it’s only a matter of time before I hear, “Shane, can you come helllppp”, so I better wrap this up.

When used correctly, marketing automation can free up time, help you deliver a consistent client onboarding experience, and to advance the client journey. It’s important to remember that marketing automation is a ‘tool’… just like a hammer… so it’s effectiveness is limited by the user. If you mishit with a hammer, you may end up with a sore thumb… if you don’t deploy marketing automation properly, then you may not reach your business objectives.

I’m keen to know, what areas of your business cause you the biggest headaches at the moment? I’d love to read the comments and see whether I know of any automation that could help…

Author: Shane

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  1. Coming from someone who does marketing myself, I can say these are things that can only help you in terms of reach. Fresh or old, marketing automation is a standard in most industries. This article is well organized and outlined to highlight just that! I would say start doing this from the beginning will save you a lot of work and opportunity to scale. 

    1. Hey Ryan!

      Thanks very much for your comment! I appreciate your kind words! I agree, starting automation from the beginning opens many opportunities. 



  2. This is a very interesting topic. I understand the dilemma and feel it is quite an important aspect of business. What would this look like in practice exactly? I know that for myself I am constantly checking to make sure that I reply to my clients in a timely fashion and this can be quite time consuming as I am trying to build a base and maintain a good reputation. I think it is a common affliction in the online business world and great to see there seems to be a solution. Would love to read more about this so I will betaking alook at your site further.

    1. Hey Cass!

      Thanks so much for your comment!

      In practice, marketing automation may look like this for you… You may notice that there are common questions continually popping up in the emails that you are receiving from clients, so you decide to create a blog post answering those questions. Let’s say, for example, that there is 5 common questions that you see more than any other questions. You may decide to set up an automatic email sequence delivering those blog articles to your new prospects and clients, answering their question before they even know they want to ask it!

      Automation is hard (nigh, impossible) to get right on the first attempt, so you will end up tweeking the email automation until it is delivering the message to your clients in the most effective manner possible. 

      Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of emails that you get, allowing you to spend more time doing cool stuff!

      If you’re like me, you may even decide to train your clients to never email you. My clients are ‘taught’ during the onboarding process that they should never email me without CC’ing my client experience manager in on the email as I only check email once a day maximum, and sometimes once every few days. 

      Hope that helps!


  3. WOW, interesting. marketing automation seems to be a tool which gives freedom to the owner of the business . I wonder if it can work on affiliate marketing as i am starting online business based on affiliate marketing.

    I like to have a business which gives me chance to visit my family member and i have chosen affiliate marketing. If marketing automation works with it i would try it.

    Thank you for the post

    1. Hey Julienne!

      Thanks very much for your comment!

      Marketing automation can definitely help affiliate marketers who have an audience of any size as it can help you reach your audience at scale and deliver the right message at the right time. 



  4. I find this to be true for my online affiliate marketing businesses too. If you can streamline the processes and outsource work by creating standard operating procedures for others to follow, you can grow your business by leaps and bounds. One example to advance the client journey is I employ the Facebook tacking pixel for re-marketing to those that have visited my site and provided email. You can even re-market to similar people using your email list to find a similar audience using their algorithm. Utilizing these new technologies is part of this marketing automation. Thanks.

    1. Hey Lev!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, you nailed it! Using the Facebook pixel to build audiences to re-market to is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. With some marketing automation systems (ActiveCampaign for example – just don’t use it for affiliate marketing haha), you can actually add or remove people from Facebook audiences depending on where they are in the client journey and what actions they have taken. 

      Thanks again,


  5. You make some interesting points! In the beginning you might think I’ll just do everything manually. Which can work, because you’ve not expanded your business. However, even then you can still mess up, because you’re gonna make mistakes.

    So the importance of having an automated system is important from the beginning.

    I think what frightens most people is, How do I start this automatiion process… With so many tools out there it’s hard to even get started… Do you have a beginners guide that can walk people trough some good options?

    1. Hey Jurgen!

      Welcome back! Great to see you pop up again, hope you’re well.

      I think the “I’ll do everything manually” mentality is quite dangerous, simply because we are all human… and humans make mistakes. I agree with you that an automated system is great to have from the start… the system’s automations can grow with your business, helping it scale. 

      I’m actually in the process of writing a Beginners Guide to Marketing & Business Automation, so once it’s done I’ll be sure to let you know. 

      Have a great Jurgen!



  6. Hi Shane! I completely agree that marketing automation can be extremely helpful. I avoided automating things in my business for awhile because I thought I could save money by not spending on those tools.  The more I’ve grown as an entrepreneur, the more I understand the importance of efficiency and the value of time. Like you said, marketing automation tools enable you to “reclaim your time” which can enable you to go and make more money. Most of the automation tools I buy at this point typically cost less than one week of minimum wage earnings, and over time, the reclaimed time will be much more than one week. 

    1. Hi Tiffany, 

      Thanks very much for your comment! Too many people don’t appreciate the value of time so it’s great that you do. It’s definitely possible to get started with automation very cost efficiently these days. Some automation platforms start at around $15/month… and this platform can save significant time so definitely worth the investment.

      Thanks again Tiffany!


  7. This is really great information.  It’s very useful.  I wasn’t sure what marketing automation was at first, but I think it’s definitely something that I am going to be using.  I know in the beginning it may seem like it takes a lot of time, but in the end, you’ll have more time on your hands for the freedom you’ve been wanting and working for yourself for 🙂

    1. Hi Kaeyoes, 

      Thanks very much for your comment! 

      I should link this article to another that explains marketing automation, thanks for pointing that out! You’re exactly right… some time invested now will save time later!



  8. I am not too much concerned about marketing but I know that I should be. Marketing is crucial for our business and it can deliver big success. It is not a short-term path and we must know that it takes time and hard work. I don’t know if could sail into automation marketing although would be very nice.

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      Marketing automation isn’t as complex as you may think. Keep a look out for future articles where I explain marketing automation further!



      P.S. you should DEFINITELY concern yourself with marketing 😉 

  9. This marketing automation thing really sounds good. You are absolutely right that most people set out to build their businesses, but actually end up building a job. LOL. Very true.

    And I love the idea of setting tags for people visiting your homepage. How I wished you completed this article with automation tools to do exactly what you wrote about.

    This article was very resourceful, as you highlighted the importance of marketing automation. I had never given it a second thought. Well, go help out your son before he starts yelling. Great post.

    1. Hi Nsoh, 

      Thanks very much for your comment!

      I will definitely explain marketing automation in more detail in future articles… make sure you check my website regularly!



  10. Thanks for this article. These things really helps and motivates the way I look at affiliate marketing. And it’s crazy how you work 80  hours a week. That’s some reall dedication right there. I’m not sure I can dedicate myself like this but I’m pretty sure I’m going to take your tips and try my best to succeed in this online world. Lots of good points made in this  article. Thanks a lot.

  11. I liked your post, but I had to go to another one to know what Marketing Automation is. I loved your comparison with surgeon, I worked all my life in the health field. Now I understood and know more about Marketing Automation.

    I am back on “3 reasons to use Marketing Automation”. As a system it helps a lot to grow business and free a little time. It is useful for promote a consistent client experience, also to communication with recurrent clients.

    As a tool, if it is not use in the best way, it might be not as useful as it is. I am just a beginner in the online marketing, but it will be very useful to know more and implement your technic for automation.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience 😊

    1. Hi Maria, 

      Thanks very much for your comment!

      Thanks for pointing out that I didn’t really explain what marketing automation is… I should link to another article that explains it! 

      Be sure to come back and check out the site in the future as I will be revealing techniques and strategies to use marketing automation. 



  12. Back when my husband and I first started our business, I was old-school with the neat paper files, and I had color coded file labels and the whole nine yards.  He suggested we start scanning our documents and it would be easier to find them.  I almost had a heart attack.  However, I came to realize how super easy it was to find things once they were on the computer, and then we started automating things.  So I am a true believer in automation.  It leaves mistakes out, ommissions out and it guarantees the job will get done on time!  Love it!

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